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Baptism testimonial

For this video I wanted to show the deep story of devon and match the emotion with a more grudgey darker look. The color grade I wanted to keep it more on the warm side and using a lot of yellow and orange in the midtones and shadows. The long hallwayshot  added to the feeling of loneliness.

Shot, edited, directed, trained team members

For this wedding I really wanted to capture the emotion and importance of the day. I wanted people to get a good grasp on their story and I used cinematography and editing to create the excitment, the nerves and the beauty of the day. I started by having a conversation with the couple and we decided what will fit them best. I talked to them about the day so I could get a good idea of where I needed to be and what I needed to capture. While i am shooting I get all the important "must have shots" then I focus on getting supporting broll and creative shots that enhance the story.

Commercial / Social media
Shot, edited, directed and storyboaded 

This was intended to be a promo that excits and shows the many things that makes this car fun, along with building a following of customers. I started with a few meetings with the client to really nail down exactly what he was looking to accomplish with this video. Once we schedualed a time to shoot. It was a full day of getting as much creative shots as we could. We had to move things around based on weather. The editing process was a collaboration with the client to make sure his vision came to life on the screen. 

Promo video with interviews.

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